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Line in & Mic

JoangeJoange EspañaPosts: 52

I thought I could have the Line In AND the Mic In at the same time, one on the left channel and the other on the right. But it's not working. Isn't it possible? Thanks

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277
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    Both are stereo, so you could either split the mic input or the line input. But you have to choose between the two.


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    JoangeJoange EspañaPosts: 52

    That's a bit of a let-down, but thank you mister!!

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    Can I be clear, cause cannot find this in the manual and cannot see anywhere in the product description (be great if this was updated)... both microphone input and line input are both stereo inputs? Yes. Be great to get an answer to this before I hit the buy button? i.e. a stereo mic pair, or stereo mic, properly cabled would record in stereo and 2 monos to stereo line in would record L R stereo separated??? Thanks

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    OK, think I can see the answer in the manual. Mic input and line input are both stereo. Thanks

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