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E-MU Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra Presets Multi-Samples


Hi folks,

This is the last module I have, but it's a doozy! The Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra! This samples are geared toward full ensembles rather than single instruments, but the strings, percussion, brass, and wind are really clean. The combination presets (folder 'Cmb') is a highlight here, and has everything you need to make some nice orchestral pieces!

As always, here is the link for all of the E-MU modules as well as the pdfs that have the preset names listed:

If you have any questions about these or see anything that seems wrong or missing, let me know and I will fix them.

ALSO, if anyone has any of these old modules laying around, and would be willing to loan them to me, I'd be happy to load them in my command station and sample them all for the community!


Ryan H.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,067

    Thanks, impressive preset collection. There are some very good sounds.
    Here are preset files for all the 2000-ish instruments.

    E-MU Mo' Phatt (439 Presets)
    E-MU World Expedition (505 Presets)
    E-MU Xtreme Lead (500 Presets)
    Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra (253 Presets)

    1) Download samples and preset lists by iluvsa
    Google Drive might give you multiple folders (MoPhatt 2, ..). You need to merge them.

    2) Copy the samples to SAMPLES/multis/emu (SAMPLES/multis/emu/MoPhatt, ..)

    3) Copy the XML files to SYNTHS folder

    This is the biggest Deluge multisample collection to my knowledge.
    Thanks iluvsa.

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    iluvsailuvsa Los AngelesPosts: 12

    Arrrrrrgh! No WAY Amiga that makes people's lives SO much easier thanks for doing these!

    It probably goes without saying, but if you try and load all of these, you will bog down the SYNTHS presets quite a bit - I have a 256GB SD card running at a fairly high transfer rate, and if you load them all, the scrolling gets a bit sluggish. So my advice is to pick and choose the ones you love or use multiple cards for different projects.

    NOW, can anyone do the same for the KITS folders and make some presets for the Deluge? I am assuming there is some semi-autonomous way to do this but I don't know how. That would be a nice companion to these.

    Thanks Amiga909!!!

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