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Make Noise and the Deluge

PixelKickerPixelKicker United KingdomPosts: 54

It might be just a phase (you know how it is with gear) but I have been looking at Make Noise's 0-Coast and Strega. Does anyone have experience interfacing them with the Deluge? Any tips?



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    ceetronicceetronic Chepstow, South Wales, UKBeta Tester Posts: 37

    This is a good vid from synthdad on 0coast vs Deluge.

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    PixelKickerPixelKicker United KingdomPosts: 54

    @ceetronic said:
    This is a good vid from synthdad on 0coast vs Deluge.

    Thanks for this, he explains it very clearly. Although there is still a learning curve by the looks of it. This has pushed me closer to buying an 0-coast for sure!

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    joeshjoesh BrusselsPosts: 54
    edited October 23

    Yes, I use the Deluge and a 0-Coast all the time, I also have a Pittsburgh Modular SV-1B linked up as well.

    When I first bought the Deluge, I used to just run those two modules via the Deluge's two CV/Gate ports. However, nowadays I still do that but have a few extra modules (in a skiff) running as well. I use the Deluge as the central coordinator - if you see what I mean - and then have the other modules connected in some way to the Deluge.

    If you're interested to hear how it sounds, here's a sketch I made recently where I'm testing a module, but, using the 0-Coast and the SV-1b run via the Deluge's CV ports.

    As for tips, I don't really have any. It's very easy to run the two (or more) together. If you want to make melodic pieces using the 0-Coast, don't forget to tune it to your Deluge. I generally make a drone track with a middle C which stays muted in the piece. This way I can always tune my modules to this note at the beginning (or later) if needed.

    BTW, although we shouldn't really make feature requests, I would say that I'd love to see Rohan, Ian and C° add another CV port. I'm sure it's not that difficult, and 3 CV + 4 Gates would make this an even more interesting piece of gear!

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