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Changing parameters while playing live?


Often if I'm playing live in song view, I will hold down on a clip row and change it's parameters to add some effects. The problem is reverting back to the original parameters I had before I made the changes. I often find it hard to get the clip back to the original parameters I had chosen when I want to revert back. Other than hitting "undo" a bunch of times is there any easy method to revert back?

This can be problematic if I change the parameters on several clips while playing live and then want to come back to an earlier clip and revert it to the previously saved parameters (undo doesn't really work in this instance). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.



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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 618

    at the moment you will have to plan ahead, either duplicate the clip before you edit the parameters in song view, so then you can 'revert back' by launching the original, unchanged clip. OR you can make a duplicate project file, with the desired clips already launched, so that when you want to 'revert back' you just load the next, duplicated, project. will take some playing around with as it is dependent on what tracks you want to be muted/unmuted.

    option 1 is solid, but causes more visual mess by having way more rows of clips. option 2 works but takes planning and is more limited in how the song can be arranged dynamically/off-the-cuff

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    MaxOSMaxOS Los AngelesPosts: 51

    @reza said:
    at the moment

    Beta Tester


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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    @MaxOS Don't read between the lines, as far as I know there's nothing to beta test at the moment

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 618

    correct, a poor choice of phrase for those on the edge of their seats lol.

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    tamlyntamlyn LondonBeta Tester Posts: 32

    Yeah, I miss this feature from the OP-Z where you can hold shift while twiddling knobs and it reverts to the original parameter values when you let go.

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