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E-MU World Expedition Presets All Multi-sampled


Okay here comes the next big set, the World Expedition ROM that came standard on the Planet Earth Module! This is a fantastic suite with some of international flavors, over 3GB - you like Palm Drums? We got em! How about a Baby Ocarina? It's there! Indian Tablas? Of course! Wood Blocks? Yes! Birds from around the world? Call David Attenborough!

Same link as before, where you can also find the Mo'Phatt and X-Lead full ROM presets as well. I also included the full list of preset names, and they are named in the folders according to these:

I have gotten a few questions about what constitutes a kit and what constitutes a synth multi-sample and the answer is I DON'T KNOW!! Some are very obvious (like the ones marked kits or leds) whereas others were less obvious (like the PR and BTS folders). In all cases, if there was a single sound as the preset, I sampled every 6 steps from C1 to A5. If there were different sounds on the same preset, I sampled every single step from C1 to B3. This sounds confusing but it's not that bad, just preview the sounds on the Deluge, and if you hear different samples, you are probably better off loading it as a kit. Maybe an expert can also chime in here if there is an easier way to do this.

Anyway, have it HAKUNA MATATA!! I expect to hear some really wonderful ambient/environmental tracks coming from this!

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