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How do I keep MIDI IN data from going to multiple tracks?



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    uss_scissorfishuss_scissorfish United StatesPosts: 1

    I've come back to this thread a few times over the last couple months, and the release of the RK-008 and Cuckoo's video on it [link-to-youtube] made me think of this situation again.
    I did not know about song mode learn/unlearn, that's excellent and mostly what I'm looking for as well. The RK-008 seems to do exactly what the OP was asking, and what I had hoped for as well but maybe this is as close as we get. Setting my controller to channel 16 and learn/unlearn in Song view is a workflow that I think I can get used to.
    However I do have a question though about this type of setup;
    This seems to only work if I have the controller sending to the Deluge only, or using a channel like 16 that the synth is not on. If the controller is going to both the Deluge and the synth on the same channel, it's sending double notes. I can't seem to figure out how to turn off midi through on the Deluge without muting the track in Arranger view. I could've sworn the Pyramid did this by not passing through incoming midi but maybe I'm misremembering. Going into the settings on the Deluge and turning off midi through doesn't seem to change anything. My hope was that I could just learn each track on the Deluge to each channel, save that as a template, and then only have to switch channels on the controller. Or would that not work anyway because the Deluge only records one track of midi at a time?

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    uberhausuberhaus San FranciscoPosts: 4

    Hi Too_Mere and everyone else.

    I bumped into similar frustrations feijai was experiencing when I first bought my deluge last year. I ended up returning it, and then bought it again a month ago determined to make it work for me any way I can. There's just sooooo much good about it, especially after the 4.0 release, I'll do whatever it takes to learn this thing inside out and make it work for me.

    That said, I just watched your video and it seems like it might help me get to what I'm aiming for along with some other utilities I found here in the forums.

    I have an old battery powered Novation Remote SL 37. I want to make a template on my Novation & Deluge to control as many synth parameters as I can using the 24 pots/encoders/sliders on the Novation. I like to explore sounds while I'm tinkering around and don't want to be bothered with doing the midi learn thing for all 24 controls I have on the Novation every time I boot up or start a new song.

    If I use a script to update all the patch .xml files with the midi mappings I want on say channel 1, can I use the song/arrange mode approach to tweak whatever track I want to my hearts desire? Will I also be able to record those changes?

    Personally, what I wish I could do is setup a default midi mapping of the 24 control options from the Novation to the Deluge and use it to tweak a selected track and record those changes live.

    The novation makes it really easy to change channels on the fly, but from what I understand, all the midi learn stuff on the deluge is saved to a patch VS a song setup. If I make a song template where I have 16 tracks mapped, if I change any patch of that song, I lose the mapping, correct?

    Just made this quickly to demonstrate that and arranger mutes:

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    IvoFXIvoFX GermanyPosts: 6
    edited August 2022

    I am new to the Deluge, just read through this thread after hitting the same bump as the topic-starter.

    Say I want to control the Deluge Clip's cutoff-parameter with a Korg NanoKontrol 2 which sends on a locked midi channel.
    In this scenario I have to un-learn the assignment from the previous clip every time I want to control the cutoff of a different Deluge instrument.

    Could that in theory not be mitigated by having a mode which clears the previous mapping automatically when assigning it to a new parameter? I.e. double mappings are avoided.

    When my controller does support selecting the Midi Channel to send from, is it not a hassle to keep track of the channels associated to instruments/clips, given that the orders of lanes in Song Mode are constantly changing, visually speaking? I believe it is, no?

    To me, this would be mitigated if incoming midi would be received on the currently selected Deluge Instrument, I think it's called Omni mode elsewhere. The Octatrack could serve as an example.

    I am not saying to get rid of the current implementation, but having an optional receive-omni-midi-on-current-Instrument-Mode as an addition would be great.

    Next, I have a new question:
    If an external midi synth is connected bi-directionally to the Deluge, is there a way it can record knob-automation from the synth without any learning or assignment? I guess the CC needs to be assigned to a Gold-Knob slot first? That would make sense as otherwise there would be no way to adress or edit it from the Deluge I guess.

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    davidvandenbordavidvandenbor NetherlandsPosts: 2

    I'm also posting my question here, as it seems I've encountered another MIDI problem:

    I have an Arturia BeatStep Pro connected to the Deluge. I want to use the Deluge as a "sound tank" or sound module, loaded with multisampled instruments, and then use the Beatstep Pro for sequencing them. But I ran into the same problem: The Deluge sends all MIDI input to every track (and every clip) regardless if I set the midi channel in the Deluge clips to separate channels. Here's my workflow:

      1. Set the (purple) drum channel on the BSP to channel 1
      1. Set the (yellow) melody channel on the BSP to channel 2
      1. Go to the Deluge and: in Song Mode, create 2 tracks (or clips?) 1 clip has a kit, one clip has a synth.
      1. Open the clip with the kit, set it to midi channel 1, and “learn” the input to the pads on the (purple) drum channel of the BPS (which was also set to send on Midi channel 1)
      1. Open the clip with the synth, set it to midi channel 2, and “learn” the input to the pads on the (yellow) melody channel of the BPS (which was also set to send on Midi channel 2)

    This is what happens next:
    The sequences that I record on sequence 1 of the BPS (Purple channel) and sequence 2 of the BPS (yellow channel) BOTH get sent to BOTH the kit and the synth clips of the Deluge, even though I had set the kit clip to receive channel 1 and the synth clip to receive channel 2. The result is a cacophony of mangled sounds, it is as if the Deluge doesn't care if incoming channels were specified, they ALL get send to all clips. So the BPS cannot play the drum kit clip and the bass synth clip separately from each other :-(

    What I want to do in the end is:

    Use the 3 sequencers on the BPS, by setting them to send on channel 1, 2 and 3
    Make 3 clips in a song, with a drum kit, a bass part and a piano part on the Deluge.
    Use the BPS to sequence (play) them separate from each other.
    It was impossible to do.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance, David!

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