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Thanks for all the samples!

hamptoniohamptonio Posts: 23

This is a somewhat sludgy track I made entirely on the Deluge; quite a few of the sounds are based on samples shared on this forum.

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    DaEmbassyDaEmbassy SydneyPosts: 54

    Great work, @hamptonio

    It sounds to me like you have run some tracks through a flanger and a phaser, and I'm wondering if you used the Deluge for that, or something external.

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    tamlyntamlyn LondonBeta Tester Posts: 32

    There's some great dissonant chords going on there. The bass synth is really dark and the way the notes bleed into each other gives it a dirty, sludgy sound, as you say. Maybe that's what you were going for but to my ears it would benefit from a bit more space in the low end.

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