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Preventing triggering all rtacks accidentally

julianbremannjulianbremann United StatesPosts: 3

I'm setting up a performance arrangement where i have samples setup on each track and switch between them one after another in sequential order. I'd like to disable the default function of pressing the right (blue) strip that triggers all the track to play together because sometime accidentally this can occur while playing live and as you can imagine is a big mess of 40 tracks playing at the same time. Can this be disabled so that even if i accidentally pressed on those nothing happens ?


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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 614

    could you set up the kits in a way that they are cloned from eachother, that way only one can play at a time since their linked. otherwise u could color coordinate each one to have a different color, but i believe theres a limit to how many unique colors there are.

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    julianbremannjulianbremann United StatesPosts: 3

    i think the cloning idea might work, will the play all function only play one track then? whichever is currently selected? i'm guessing that there's no way of disabling the "play all" function of the right column then?
    the color coordination is not much of a n issue since i'm not really getting confused because of it, the question is only on the accidental pressing of a button in that right column.

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