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Deluge freezes/doesn't boot when usb keyboard is plugged in

macMOEmacMOE germanyPosts: 13

i have got a problem with my deluge.
I'm trying to use my keystep37 over USB but it won't work.
When i plug it in while the deluge is running, the deluge will just freeze and not respond to button presses or encoders anymore. When i then unplug the keyboard it says "Deta"ched in the display.
When i first plug it in then try to start the deluge, the deluge won't properly turn on. Display stays empty and none of the pads light up. It seems to kind of boot, because when before unplugging the keyboard i try to go to the settings, for example, it will do that after i have the keyboard unplugged. hope that makes sense.
I have no other class-compliant midi device to test that except another keystep37 that shows the exact same behaviour . Yes i bought the black version, don't judge me :p
It also doesn't make a difference how either the deluge or the keystep are powered, i tried everything. As soon as i plug the keyboard in it does as described above.
Hope somebody has an idea.



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    Rian78Rian78 USAPosts: 22

    I had a similar issue with a few keyboards, I think they drew too much power for the deluge to work correctly.
    Then I bought a 2amp, 12v ac adapter to power my deluge and the usb midihub with a few keyboards attached, no issues.

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    macMOEmacMOE germanyPosts: 13

    Thanks for the answer.
    I tried that and i doesn't seem to be the issue.
    But i contacted support and send them a video.
    Hope they can help.

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    Jens_MeierJens_Meier GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 19
    edited December 2021

    @Rian78 said:
    Then I bought a 2amp, 12v ac adapter to power my deluge and the usb midihub with a few keyboards attached, no issues.

    Exactly. You have to power the deluge with power adapter, when using USB MIDI gear! Additional use a powered USB hub for connection of the MIDI gear, to support and protect the deluge at powering to heavy loading USB MIDI devices. Benefit is, you can use up to 4 USB devices simultanously.

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    macMOEmacMOE germanyPosts: 13

    Yes i thought of that as well.
    But it wasn't my problem.
    In the end it turned out to be a hardware problem which they fixed after i sent the deluge back to new zealand.
    Works like a charm now :smile:

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