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How do I load all contents of a sample folder to a kit? Getting "CAN'T" message...

potmpotm Vancouver, BCPosts: 5

Hi there -

So I'm trying to load one of the "artist" folders that came with the Deluge to a kit and I'm not having any luck. The contents of several of those folders are drum hits, so I'm assuming they can be loaded to a kit(?).

I'm reading p.46 of the manual "Importing an entire folder of sounds to a kit" and when I press the "select" button, expecting to see "ALL" when I turn it, I see "CAN'T". I've tried every artist folder and I'm getting the same result.

I'm thinking this must be user (hello!) error, so, please, point out the error of my ways!

Many thanks in advance.

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USAPosts: 993
    Answer ✓

    Are you trying from a new kit? The ALL function is only available when loading a new kit (hold shift + kit).


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    potmpotm Vancouver, BCPosts: 5

    I swear I was trying from a new kit, but... I mustn't have been. It's working now. Cheers!

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993


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