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How can I sync the Deluge to a click track recorded from itself?

DocRomplerDocRompler Pittsburgh PAPosts: 20

My primary means of recording audio at the moment is a Tascam DP-24SD multitrack recorder which unfortunately does not have midi syncing capability. What I’ve done in the past with my Korg gear is simply record the sync output on to its own track as I record other audio and later send the sync signal out through the FX send and use it as a clock when I want to record additional audio. Since the sync settings on Korg stuff are pretty simple it was never an issue getting it to work. I’m pretty sure I could get this to work with the Deluge but there are a lot of options settings wise and I haven’t been able to find the right combination.

I’ve figured out how to turn gate out 4 into a trigger clock and I’ve successfully recorded a click track from it but when I send it into the Clk In on the Deluge the timing is off. It’s not off in the sense that it falls behind or jumps ahead but the swing timing is strange and doesn’t match with the recorded audio. I’m also not sure what “ppqn” setting I should be using. I recorded the click with a ppqn out of 1 because that was the most suitable sync setting for the Bastl Bitranger I was including in the track. However, the ppqn in setting that most closely matches the audio is 2. When it’s set to 1 the tempo is way too fast. I also had the swing interval set to 8th notes instead of 16th notes, which I think may be a part of the issue.

I would think that if I set the trigger clock out settings to be the same as the trigger clock in settings then this method would work but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I know this is a somewhat esoteric issue that few are likely to have but I’m hoping to find some answers here.

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