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Delugeator 1.1 released

BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 61

Released a new Delugeator verson.

Main reason is that Choke - polyphony setting was misspelled as 'chok' in kit file. Fixed that, load and save exiting kits to fix this on your kits if you have used Choke. Also LFO 1 Rate was missing from modulation targets. Some internal nooding and UI fixes and as an added bonus a COPY SOUND -functionality.

From the manual:
COPY SOUND – creates an identical copy of current sound and adds it to sound list below the source. The copied sound has a running number suffix added to the sound name (KICK → KICK 2) and is fully editable and separate from the source sound. If the sample is not changed then on existing kits the sample settings will point to same sample, on new kits when (if) the samples are copied to the kit folder, two copies of the sample will be made (KICK.WAV and KICKA.WAV). There was some technical reason for this but can’t remember it now or maybe I was just lazy so let’s just say that This Is The Way and move along.

Get it here:

Read the manual:

Still no t-shirts.... :'(

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