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Sorry, at first time I posted it in wrong section.
1. Bit depth and sample rate of sound engines, fxs, recorded samples, loaded samples etc.
2. Bit depth of audio ‘master’ bus.
3. Bit depth and sample rate of AD/DA converters.
4. Info about aliasing and antialiasing filtering.
5. Can I use tempo synchronized punch in/out in regular recording mode, I mean identical to resample mode but using input only
instead of output?


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    cvgatecvgate Paris, FrancePosts: 9

    Hi, I am wondering about points 1, 2 & 3 as well! Does anyone have an answer?
    Since the Deluge streams straight out of the SD card, if I store a 24bit, 96000Hz sample on it, how will it play/convert it? Thanks ^^

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