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Creating new auto slice kits while keeping a kits midi mapping

Deluge_loverDeluge_lover Beta Tester Posts: 8

I need a workflow that involves using deluge for it's quick sampling capabilities and externally sequencing it with an RS7000 for mental MIDI fx. I want to record a long-ish sample in, auto chop it a bit randomly (transient would be cool but for now just using odd value slices works), and have that kit respond to a preset mapping from the RS7000. The problem is, a saved midi mapped kit can swap out individual samples and retain it's mapping, but using slice means making a new kit.
This would mean mapping each row all over again for every one of multiple kits each time i start a new song.
Anyone got any workflow ideas? Something I'm missing? (prob heaps). I don't mind some admin to get it started but mapping it every time seems a bit intense.
Bonus question:
1- Can we transpose a whole kit yet (affect entire) with more precision than the gold knob way? I swear this was implemented in an old firmware

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