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Using external MIDI controllers to tweak sound parameters

tacharontacharon HamburgPosts: 43

This is possible, but not in a useful way. Instead of controlling the sound parameters of the currently edited track (so that an external controller box could be set up to tweak everything quickly, when needed) the Deluge only allows to learn MIDI controllers for the sound parameters of a specific part. This is very inflexible and limiting.
Are there any plans to improve this in the future?


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    phillipadsmithphillipadsmith United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 89

    Can you say more? If I learn a parameter (say filter cutoff frequency) on clip #1 (instrument 1) and then duplicate that clip (now clip 2, instrument 1), the MIDI assignments are copied also.

    This is how I'd expect it to work, e.g., the same as if I was working with hardware instruments and assigned MIDI channel 1 to instrument 1, I'd expect that to stay assigned no matter what I was doing on the sequencer.

    How are you expecting it to work?

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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichBeta Tester Posts: 112

    This is a classic discussion.

    People who come from some DAWs expect to be able to map a MIDI fader to a function, e.g. HPF cutoff, and then work on the cutoff of a given instrument by selecting the instrument and turning the HPF knob. They have in mind bypassing the Deluge's controls.

    Instead, the Deluge is set up so that external faders modify one particular instrument's HPF cutoff. This means that if you want to control HPF for three instruments, you need three faders rather than one, but the tradeoff for this is versatility -- you can change multiple parameters of multiple instrurments at the same time on the D, whether or not they're focused, where with the DAW-like setup, you can only operate on one instrument at any given time. The D's method is more immediate, and maybe more useful for performance, IMO.

    Anyway, that's the way the Deluge works. This is a long-standing feature request, but it's my understanding that new feature requests like this are being back-burnered for the next year.

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