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Cloned clips playing together. A head scratcher.

broughtonfilmbroughtonfilm New YorkBeta Tester Posts: 70

I'm a new Deluge user so please excuse me if this is obvious...

Somehow while playing with Clips and their Clones, Instances and White Clips in Song and Arranger view, I managed to make White Clips (after first converting a regular Clip Instance in Arranger to a White Clip, making alterations to it in Clip view and dragging them back to Song view from Arranger) play simultaneously with their original Clips. I thought that this was not possible unless an independent version of the instrument they share is created as a clone too.

I can't find any documentation about it nor can I replicate the behavior. The clips played together even though they shared exactly the same instrument, their "Launch" pads were green, not switching each other on/off alternating green and red as I would've expected. As soon as I manually muted one of them, the behavior went back to normal, it was no longer possible to launch them simultaneously.

Is this a feature I'm not aware of, a bug or am I completely confused about the Clips, Clones, Instances, White Clips ?


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    broughtonfilmbroughtonfilm New YorkBeta Tester Posts: 70


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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    I don't know, sounds like a bug to me, especially since you can't replicate the behavior. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    broughtonfilmbroughtonfilm New YorkBeta Tester Posts: 70

    @Heptagen said:
    I don't know, sounds like a bug to me, especially since you can't replicate the behavior. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Thank you. Actually, I was just about to update my post. I was able to replicate it. I

    1. Create a synth clip, for example preset #1 and put some notes in the Clip view.
    2. Double press “song” to go to Arranger.
    3. Put couple of instances of the clip on the track.
    4. Still in Arranger convert one of the instances into White instance by holding Shift and pressing on the instance’s head.
    5. Open this new White instance in Clip View by pressing on its tail.
    6. In Clip view make changes to the pattern (the synth preset is kept the same, in this example #1).
    7. Go back to Arranger and press Play.
    8. The Arranger plays the instances on the track.
      9.Important: as the Arranger is playing the newly created White instance, stop the Arranger playback (by pressing Play).
    9. Drag the White instance to Song view by pressing on its head and pressing “Song”.
    10. A new row in the Song view is created and in it the White clip is assigned a color.
    11. Press “Play”. Both the original clip and its modified clone dragged from the Arranger play together even though they share the same preset.
    12. As soon as you mute one of them the behavior goes back to normal, it is no longer possible to play them at the same time.

    It is possible to do it several times and have multiple White clips dragged from the Arranger play together while sharing the same preset.

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    Interesting. I am just guessing here: maybe both clips are played through the same instance of the preset? Which makes me wonder what happens if you use a preset with "mono" enabled, so that you can only play one note at once? Will it still play both clips correctly or will they get in each other's way?

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