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Wavetable vs. Granular (with one grain) - difference?


As the title says, I don't really get the difference between wavetable synthesis and granular synthesis with only one grain (like in the polyend tracker).
I think that granular shines when you use multiple grains all over the sample and automate their positions, that makes for some intriguing pads. But what if its limited to one grain? Isn't it basically the same as wavetable synthesis with automated wavetable position?


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    arczi79arczi79 AustraliaPosts: 4

    I think the difference is that in wavetable you have the same length waves and depends on a position in a table one wave is played in a loop. In a granular synthesis the start and finish point on sample can change so the grain length can be different in a time. Correct me if I am wrong.

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