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Deluge setup with MIDI

OldHorn666OldHorn666 Hämeenlinna, FinlandPosts: 14


I'm new here, love my Deluge. I'm here for some advice. First, I just bought Kenton MIDI Thru 5. Now, I want my Deluge to sequence Behringer TD-3 and Arturia DrumBrute Impact.

So, I'm complete newbie when it's about MIDI. I'm connecting my Deluge MIDI OUT into Kenton MIDI IN, then from Kenton MIDI Thru 1 and 2 into TD-3 and DBI MIDI IN. At least, that's how I think it goes.

Now, my questions is:

How would you guys do this? With what connections etc., because, like I said, I am a newbie. I also need to know if by sequencing TD-3 with Deluge, how do I add accent and slide, or transpose. Is it possible with Deluge?

Thank you!


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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichBeta Tester Posts: 121

    The MIDI setup sounds right. Put the two downstream devices on different receive channels, and you can control them with MIDI clips.

    I don't have a TD-3, but I would guess that it'll accept velocity as accent -- you can set this by holding down a note and turning the left-right knob (that you scroll with).

    I would also bet that it accepts notes that run into each other as slides and short ones as independent notes, but you're going to have to experiment.

    While the Deluge is a great master sequencer, you might want to run the TD-3 by itself as well -- that crappy/quirky/random programming is half the charm of the old 303. The Deluge will send start/stop/clock pulses over MIDI to keep it in sync, so you can just hit play on the D and all the downstream gear should fire up. I have an old Yamaha groove box that I use that way sometimes just b/c it's fun to program.

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    SluuzSluuz The Hague, The NetherlandsPosts: 2

    @hexagon5un is mostly right!

    So be able to sequence the TD-3, make sure you create a MIDI clip on the Deluge and set it to the MIDI channel that matches the input MIDI channel of the TD-3. Then, make sure that on the TD-3 you go into Track write mode and go into Pitch mode. Then it'll accept incoming notes from the Deluge.

    Accent and slide is exactly as @hexagon5un described. Do make sure you update TD-3 to the latest firmware as it didn't work in the initial firmware.

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