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DAL Connector - Ableton Live Control Script


I've released DAL Connector, a control surface script for linking a Deluge with Ableton Live 11.

There's a youtube video which goes through the functionality:

It's free and an open source project. You can check out the repository:

Let me know if anyone gets it working and leave me your feedback.



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    SolejkushaoSolejkushao MarseilleBeta Tester Posts: 38

    Wow! Really cool project!

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    ridsrids Posts: 7

    Dang, I wish I used Ableton Live. Any chance you'd ever do this for Apple Logic? This is really cool. I've actually been creating sequences in Logic and then hitting play on the Deluge and record my midi into Logic that way. Then I just append the sequence and align it to the beginning. But what you created here is amazing how it brings the hardware/software gap

    Nice work on this!

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    neilbaldwinneilbaldwin UKBeta Tester Posts: 143

    Great job!

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    RabbanRabban United StatesPosts: 2

    @rids said:
    Dang, I wish I used Ableton Live. Any chance you'd ever do this for Apple Logic?
    Nice work on this!

    Thanks! Unfortunately I don't own a Mac so I don't have Logic. What's unique about Ableton is that they created this control surface interface that you can access through Python. When I started looking into this none of the Python examples I found worked so I was really just motivated to figure out a way to get it going. Once I got a basic proof of concept it just made sense to hook it into the Deluge.

    Unfortunately the requirements are very high in that you need the latest version of Ableton and one of these Flashair cards which I think most people don't have. But it was a lot of fun making it and hopefully someone can get some value out of it besides me.

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    igghibuigghibu ItalyPosts: 4

    this is beautiful, thank you so much! I have one reason to upgrade to 11 now :)

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 26
    edited October 2021

    Apple Logic X has similar interface but makes use of javascript instead of python, even documented.
    starting at page 190 it explains javascript objects to handle midi events.

    The problems are just safety measures on macOS that need user consent to allow remote data connections.
    But as i understood the DAL connector is not a midi connection, it is a data connection so
    the functionality of the awesome DAL connector could technically run in an local Mac App which downloads and generates a Logic X-XML or what ever format file. So it could work similar to Ableton then because the filesystem knows about versioning when files get changed and mac apps also are document interpreters that act accordingly. In example offer a warning that the file is changed and if it should be overloaded.
    If such an App is done carefully it could even make use of Zeroconf aka Bonjour and make use of device discovery by name instead of IP. But most FlashAir users will not have their cards set up as part of their normal home wifi.

    Hope there are some hints in here and someone diggs into that fun .

    And another hint: on macs remote addresses need to be clearly named as such:
    "http://flashaircard" is not an valid URL, but "flashaircard.local" is and "http://flashaircard.local" as well.

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    mydudechrismydudechris United StatesPosts: 3

    Hey! :smile: First post here. Yay. Really cool project, love Live. How about going the other direction, from Ableton -> Deluge? I've been using their new product, Note, quite bit lately (super fun) which exports directly to Live. Would be cool to sketch on Note, send to Live, then have that appear on the Deluge. Thoughts?

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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USAPosts: 98

    If i have automation of a kit like volume > random. Will this also be saved?

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 598

    @Ljk it most likely won't since master/osc1/osc2 volume isn't basic midi data that would get transferred via midi like note, note length, velocity. that is, unless @Rabban specifically noted any volume>random levels and had the program create a velocity rack with random on and set to the correct range. if there was a way on the deluge to affect velocity > random, it would work based on how DAL connector works, but i don't think that's possible on the deluge actually.

    @Rabban this is really cool, i imagine if i just have a normal SD card i could still make this work since it's just loading from the XML files, just losing the ability to use the deluge at the same time, right? are there unsolvable limitations to having DAL connector source the samples of a kit from the SD card and loading them into ableton?

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    FleazyFleazy United StatesPosts: 3

    Hello everybody, first post here, hi!
    Wondering if anyone has been using this to positive effect ( or affect) ? I just finally caved in or got less scared of USB and got me some Ableton Live 11, I found this thread on a general deluge with Ableton search and then signed up as a member in order to post this post.

    Any luck?
    Any news?

    Seems super awesome, if it works.

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    FleazyFleazy United StatesPosts: 3

    " stimulating but we're out of here"

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