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Saving MIDI instruments globally


Sorry if this has been suggested before, but I couldn't find it if it has:
On the Cirklon it is possible to setup a MIDI instrument once (channel, name, bank/prog info, CC's) and use it globally. I figure this could be done by setting it up in settings and then assigning it when choosing a MIDI channel for a new MIDI clip - the presets would be available along with channels 1-16. Could save everybody some time, since most people tend to not get a completely new setup for each song:)


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    ryan_fmryan_fm Cleveland, OHPosts: 5

    +1 for sure. If I have a Volca Drum connected on midi channel 7, I'd love for selecting channel 7 to automatically load the CCs I saved on that channel - CC19 for volume, CC10 for pan, etc. And if I switch it to channel 8, I imagine going into the menu and loading a new preset (say, volcadrum.json) onto a different channel should be doable as well.

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