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Studio -Redo


I want to really look at recording better tracks now so I want to invest in my studio. Currently I’m using the Deluge as my master clock / sequencer running 10 synths via 5 pin midi and also using the Deluge as a sampler. I also have a Strymon Bigsky and an Eventide H9 I want to run on an Aux send to apply effects to the channels if desired.
All equipment is plugged into two Samson SM10 line mixers with the main outs of those going to my 8” Mackie MR824
speakers. When I record, I just run stereo outs of the main mixer to a Zoom H5 and get a stereo mix that I download into Audacity to treat the two tracks.

I want to be able to record multiple channels and bring them into a DAW (Ableton or Protools not sure yet) to have better control over the final mix. Would something like the Tascam Model 24 be something to look at due to being able to record the different channels to a SD card and upload that into a DAW?
I do like that is has AUX sends so I can run theBigSky and or H9 on a loop or two.

Is this a good idea or should I look into something else like a full on DAW?

Thank you,
Surf -

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