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how to use samples from kits?

Psyl0Psyl0 BelgiumBeta Tester Posts: 8

In kIT 31 there is a nice pad, which I want To use in a SYNTH. How to browse into kits to select that pad samples?

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    EddyEddy Cologne, GermanyPosts: 292
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    Hold the audition pad of the kit sample and press browse (left side 3 from top): You get info where to find the file.
    Press back till it stops blinkin.
    Change to synth, crate new synth (shift synth), go to OSC1 and select SAMPLE as a source, browse to the sample you have found before, press SELECT (BOT-TOP) .....and you are ready!


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    Psyl0Psyl0 BelgiumBeta Tester Posts: 8

    Great, many thanks... Didn't know this trick to get the origin of the sample

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