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Brexit bangers


Greetings Delugionals

After selling some old gear I finally got a Deluge last September. I can say confidently that it's the best piece of hardware I've ever owned.

I've made a couple of EPs so far. The first has some nods to Ghostbox while the latest is a little more 90s UK electronica, minus the breakbeats. I love probability-based sequencing and can't wait to experiment more with 3.2.

I haven't made any videos, but feel free to close your eyes and imagine my skinny white hands fumble around while you listen... or maybe let your thoughts go somewhere more pleasant!

I can also say confidently that having the Deluge has kept my head above water mentally. Things are especially fucked up in the UK at the moment and escaping into that beautiful rainbow matrix is incredibly therapeutic. Thank you Synthstrom!

Anyway, I hope somebody on here might enjoy spending 20 minutes or so with my little serving of weirdness. If you do, I'd love to hear from you.


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