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Deluge > MIDI > Behringer TD-3

SluuzSluuz The Hague, The NetherlandsPosts: 2


I'm trying to sync my Deluge with the Behringer TD-3 but something is not working out. First the setup:

  • Deluge = MIDI master clock
  • Deluge MIDI out > MIDI DIN cable > TD-3 MIDI in
  • Set Sync on TD-3 to MIDI with PPQN of 24 (default)
  • Created a MIDI track on the Deluge and set it to channel 5
  • Changed MIDI in channel on the TD-3 to be channel 5 as well
  • Both devices' sound output is sent to a mixer

When I hit one of the audition pads on the Deluge, I hear the respective note being played by the TD-3. So far so good.
When I insert a sequence in the Deluge and hit play, there's no sound coming from the TD-3 at all. I do see a play command has been sent to the TD-3 though as the red light above the Play button stays on.


And suddenly it hit me. I have to put the TD-3 into track write mode, then clear out a pattern and then enter Pitch mode. Then it works...

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