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Freezes on firmware 3.1.4


Hi All,

I've just started experience frequent, semi-reproducible freezes on my Deluge. I've had it a couple of years and this is the first time I'm getting freezes. As stated in the title I'm running 3.1.4

Here's what the setup is that seems to be causing this:

  • I'm connected via USB to a 1010 Music Blackbox. The Blackbox is USB Host
  • Deluge is sending MIDI clock out, but MIDI in is off
  • I've setup a clip to stereo monitor audio input from the blackbox
  • I've got three more clips on the Deluge:

    • A MIDI clip running on the sequencing pads (drum samples) on the blackbox
    • Two synth clips
  • I'm live recording the synth clips -- usually when laying down the second clip (but sometimes the first) the Deluge will freeze up

Any thoughts or things that I should to try to help resolve this / identify what the critical fault is?


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    PixelKickerPixelKicker United KingdomPosts: 55

    I also get freezes now again, normally when scrolling through presets. I can only assume it is a memory issue.

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    dietervdwdietervdw Stockholm, SwedenPosts: 2

    I had one freeze since receiving it yesterday, it was when I was manipulating delay time.

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    gabogadgabogad spainPosts: 6

    I have never experienced so much freeze before!! I just scroll through nine to ten presents and it hangs, over and over again. It does not happen with the factory presets, but with the boards of deluge -which I understand are more complex-

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