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[BUG?] Deluge is Monitoring Audio even when Set to Off?

AutomaticFormAutomaticForm United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 12

I've recorded some samples from my Digitone using the line-in & an Audio Track with the DOT enabled in order to monitor. I have now disabled DOT monitoring but I can still hear my Digitone?

To test, I have deleted all but one random onboard SYNTH track and I still hear the Digitone.

I have also gone into Settings > Record > Monitor (which I found was set to "Conditional") and switched it to OFF.

None of this works, I can still hear my Digitone and I'm stumped.

Sorry if this is confusing or if it has been documented already.


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    GaryJamesJoGaryJamesJo Eugene, ORPosts: 2


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    SiccaViccASiccaViccA OsakaPosts: 68


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    sssetzsssetz USAPosts: 12

    I can confirm this is happening to me as well. I basically can’t work on that song anymore unless i’m on headphones, because it also somehow saved the effects settings somehow and it has insane feedback instantly

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 755

    Head over to arranger view by pressing the song button until it’s flashing. Then try muting each track until the incoming audio goes away. That should help you find any tracks that still have monitoring on.

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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 266

    maybe unrelated, but this was happening to me and it turned out if i scrolled vertically i had a audio clip channel above where the song loads that i didn't realize was there. that track out of view had monitoring on. double check on that, otherwise something else is obviously up!

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