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Possible to raise money for feature implementation?

jurgisjurgis vilniusBeta Tester Posts: 31

Hey hey Delugers,

I bought this lovely piece of equipment over a year ago and I have not been able to used it as intended for live applications. There are several key functions missing so that it can be versatile in that space; the main issue being connectivity to external gear. I've put down the 5 main things that need to be adressed in this video, and I would be inclined to actually donate, pledge, or otherwise give cash to get these things implemented ASAP:

1) Midi connectivity: widespread, fully assignable to cc to all basic functions and parameters: master FX, FX, Synth+Kit master volume, FX, parameters, unquantized solo, etc.

2) Unquntized loop punching, overdub

3) Midi Quantize On-Off shortcut

4) Looping/ audio record without having to re-select constantly

5) Instrument /Kit submenu

Other much appreciated features woud be:

  • sustain pedal cc
  • auto-channel
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