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Questions about external midi control of the Deluge

niackniack bxlBeta Tester Posts: 12


I was wondering if some of you are controlling deluge's functions with an external midi controller.

I'm looking to control the mutes in song mode (with a keyboard, a launchpad or other..)
So far i was able to do that with my keyboard by 'learning' the notes for each mute button. Alas, it's only triggering the mutes to change at next bar, and i need the mutes to change immediately (like in the Kit screen).
If anybody has a trick for that, it would be a massive help!

Any other trick concerning midi control of the deluge is also welcome!

Note: I made a feature request about this -which i'm afraid didn't attract much interrest :D
...But maybe it's already possible with the current o.s... So i'm asking :)

Am i the only one who wants his mutes to act immediately??

Thank you!

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