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Sync scaling frequently freezing the machine

modus0perandimodus0perandi SwedenPosts: 5
edited October 2020 in Deluge Help

Im having issues when using sync scale on my deluge.
1. While having sync scaling activated, exiting the clip and later deactivating the sync scale outside the clip most of the times just freeze the machine and the sound and force me to reboot the machine to get back.
2. When having sync scaling activated and changing length of the clip most of the times the machine make a glitch noise each step its changed.

To sum it up, i really like the feature, but when its acting like this there is no way to actually use it reliably.

Anyone else experience these problems or know how to solve them? Please let me know coz it's really a joy killer.

After contacting support, this seems to be a bug that now have been found.

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