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Freedom to link/unlink tracks as desired


Currently, tracks are incompatible if they have the same synth/kit preset or if they are audio tracks set as copies when created.

I think it would be really useful to have the freedom to set up compatible/incompatible tracks on the fly, regardless of the preset or type of track. It would work just like setting up groups in song view, but instead of having same-colour tracks playing together in this case they will not play together (IF you trigger one, any other track will stop).

This could be useful to organize sets, and to be able to improvise with some safety net. For example: If I have 2 bass synths, from different presets, I could set "link" them as incompatible so whenever i trigger one, the other stops.

From a functional point of view, it should be as "simple" as being able to set colout groups in the mute/launch audtition column, jsut as we currently do with the audition/section column for grouping tracks by colour.


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