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some creative DnB with Deluge



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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078
    edited October 2020

    nice one. keep it up.
    dnb basses need really good filter and eqs, I found the D is not that capable here, no blame, I even think NI Kontakt filters are not good enough for dnb.
    my latest take
    working with saturation effect a lot, I like it can sound very brutal.

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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 326

    @magneticum said:

    Nice! You could try to layer the drums and use additional for the kick a higher pitched version, to give it more power. And maybe a very short reverb on the drums as well.

    Odo Sendaidokai from Berlin

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