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Can I not record into the arrange view BEFORE other material?


I like to record in sections, sketching out, then going back and adding, but when I scrolled a section to the right then recorded before it, everything was simply deleted. Does that mean I can only record after things? What if I want to add an intro to the song from song view?

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,063
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    Yeah, thats a limitation. If you want to add an intro, you can insert silence by moving the timeline and insert clips in Arranger manually.


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    We desperately need "Punch In / Punch Out" multitrack recording from song mode to arranger. I'm surprised I haven't seen this requested or discussed, but almost everyone I know puting out records with a lot of gear records this way. White clips allow improvisation over the arrangement so that's great, but this is a big one, REALLY hope we can see this in a future update.

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