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Monitoring / cueing while playing: what am i missing?


kia ora fellow deluge aficionados

i have a question re monitoring/cueing on the deluge.

In a live jamming situation I need to able to preview/audition sounds (samples, synths, kits) while playing a song. I use the 2x line-out ports and also have my headphones connected.

My issues are

  • auditioned synths and kits are audible on the line out signal, even when clip is muted in song view
  • samples (to load into new kits on the fly) will not preview while a song is playing

Is there a way to overcome this?

Ideally it would like to see a solution along the lines of this when a line out is connected, while playing a song:

  • browsing samples will play back on headphones
  • synths and kits are previewed on the headphones using the audition pads when the clip is muted in song view (as I still want to be able to play the instruments live)

It seems an obvious feature so I think I might be missing something...

Many thanks,


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