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With midi, is it possible to send individual tracks/channels to an effects unit?

Ry_n_IRy_n_I Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 14

This question is probably more about me needing to know more about what is and isn't possible with midi than about Deluge capabilities. I've been looking at some high-end delay pedals that feature midi in/out ports. What I want to know is if it would be possible to send the audio of an individual Deluge track to an effects unit by having it on it's own midi channel, or by some similar means? Of course, this likely would depend on the capabilities of the pedal as well (specifically the ones I've been checking out are by Strymon).

I've read before that separated audio outs are not possible with the current hardware of the Deluge. I also am aware that midi does not usual relate to managing audio and is more about communication between machines. But my knowledge here is very limited and I am optimistically wondering if an advanced effects unit with midi might allow for a way to send individual tracks to be effected.

Basically my dream is to one way or another be able to create manipulatable delay tracks in a similar fashion to send tracks on a mixer. Another idea I have for how this might be possible (which I might create another software suggestion thread for) is for the Deluge to have another track type (alongside synth, kit, midi, audio in, etc) where you can simply send the audio of one or more tracks to a new track for further, separated manipulation of the sound.

Please comment if you have any ideas or thoughts around this topic.

Ry n I


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    mopocomopoco EuropePosts: 2

    AFAIK there’s no real time audio through midi. Like your idea of aux tracks though...

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,063

    @mopoco said:
    AFAIK there’s no real time audio through midi. Like your idea of aux tracks though...

    Yeah, it is a hardware limitation. Synthstrom sadly never answered this officially AFAIK but one user investigated the hardware parts and there is only a single stereo DAC. So, no separate audio via headphones, USB, whatever.
    Audio via midi, true there is no real time audio. For the record, there is an ancient thing called Midi Sample Dump, allows for audio transmission but it is REALLY slow, 5s of audio take about 7min :)

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