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MIDI Layering... How?

nikpalmernikpalmer VancouverBeta Tester Posts: 9

Hi folks, I'm trying to layer recorded MIDI, can the Deluge do that, or is there another method. So just like looping/layering Audio I want to layer midi. So:

New Song
New kit track (just for timing and setting length of song etc)
new MIDI track.
External MIDI keyboard (through USB hub)
External MIDI hardware synth(through USB hub)
Learn Input on MIDI track for ext keyboard
Play & Record
Play Ext keyboard.
All is recorded.
Hit play on Deluge and MIDI is sent to Ext Hardware Synth (on for instance channel 10)
But now I want to add layers to that performance (maybe a high octave, some bass notes etc), still outputting to channel 10
So I'm thinking , use the same system as for audio layering. But it doesn't seem to work. Only a single MIDI row can play, each new recorded layer (row) mutes the previous row.
I want to build up a MIDI performance for a single MIDI channel.

What am I doing wrong?




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    nikpalmernikpalmer VancouverBeta Tester Posts: 9

    ah forget this.. i didn't realise that a MIDI track records when the record button is pressed even though the cursor shows as "playing white" rather than as "recording red". So i don't need any layering/looping. Just a bit confusing UX.

    Love the Deluge


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