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Pad light brightness based on note velocity, velocity trim, and quick velocity settings

MyrkMyrk Bristol, UKPosts: 93

Tried a search but surprisingly didn't find it in the suggestions (if it is admins please link to it in here or delete this post!)

It would be great if the note velocity controlled the brightness of a pad, so you can visually see the different velocities going on. I often will have a load of straight notes in a row, but vary the velocities to give a rhythm to the notes. The only downside I could spot is if someone coded some light notes (all the same) after a heavy note which could be conceived as a held note, but I think that's a very minor issue in comparison to not seeing the notes.

Also, if we get a default menu it would be great to be able to set whether holding several notes and changing velocity just increases and decreases them all independently (as current) or whether they fix to the same value. For instance if I have 2 notes, one with velocity 64 and another with velocity 30, and turn the knob up 10, I get 74 and 40. The ability to base off the first held note would be great, so if I held 30 then 64 note velocity pads then tweaked up 10 both would be 40. I find myself often pressing each pad individually just to avoid having a load of different velocities all over.

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    funkymothersfunkymothers LondonPosts: 48

    Love the idea of velocity trim. This could perhaps be done by holding the relevant track button and turning velocity up or down (as as opposed to individual steps buttons). That way the current method could remain as it is.

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    MyrkMyrk Bristol, UKPosts: 93

    Another somewhat connected feature - would be great if when programming a note you could press the audition pads to quick select a velocity, divided into 8 subdivisions of 128... so 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128 as velocity values.

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