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Add Recording automations for audio clips

DekalboyDekalboy FrancePosts: 26

I have spent very nice time using the ability to record the output of the deluge and then , instantly “ play “ with the recording by applying effect on it . But also , a,d this why I am opening this suggestion, by playing with the length and the waveform view .

_ with the length ( and with the conjunction of the RESET feature with a midi command ) you can do a lot of things , especially if you try to increase the resolution very high and very short loops .

_ with the wave form view , you can play on the fly play , let’s say with the green line , in order to listen some Kind of “ chops “ of the waveform creared directly on the fly while the sequencer is running .

=> on this 2 points it would be very nice to have a possible option for recording These automations !

It is still possible to record automations on the waveforms, by tweaking gold knobs , so I think this could be extended by what I am talking ?

just to let the deluge going deeper about samples manipulation in real,time

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