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Question about crackling noise while panning


Hi everyone,

I got my new deluge about a week ago and have been having a ton of fun! I do have one issue I was wondering about:

When I am manually panning via the parameter knob while a sound is playing I can hear a slight crackling noise. This happens whether I use the headphone out or the line out (connected to a headphone amp), and it occurs even if I change headphones. The crackling does not occur if I pan while no sound is playing or if I record the panning and then play it back.

Does this happen with anyone else's deluge?



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    HenryBHenryB Posts: 3

    Also, it is more difficult to notice it in the middle of a song, but if you just play a note (like in synth preset 3 etc.) and pan it is very obvious.

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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 44

    Noticed that also.

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    HenryBHenryB Posts: 3

    Thanks volsteh, it is good to know it is not just me :smile:

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    Tricep3Tricep3 United KingdomPosts: 20

    Hi HenryB,

    I have a similar thing happen when I change the master volume on the deluge. As in the global effect all volume at song level. I don't get crackling when changing the track master volume it's just with the global volume via the gold knob. Not sure why this happens.

    Sorry not much help but just sharing a similar anecdote.


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