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Master track in arranger

darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 193

A track on the top row which stays in place, perhaps in a set colour so as not to confuse with clip tracks.

The master track could be used for many functions, to set a function at a position in the timeline, hold the grid pad at the position desired, and turn select to choose function, some ideas for the functions:

Set locate markers (Press say triplets view button to scroll the list of set markers then press on select to jump to marker chosen)
Set loop points (with iteration, eg 2,4 infinite etc)
Set bpm changes, possibly with ramp to/from previous/next
Change scale/transpose
Spot global fx (effect entire) hold the pad and turn relevant gold knob, effect is held for duration of the zoom level in which it was set, e.g 1/4 note.
Audio cut/fade for duration set by zoom level.
Pitch sweep for duration set by zoom level

Probably tons of other ideas too, for certain things like say transpose, once set holding the pad then pressing on clip rows to cause active/inactive status on a per track per event basis. Obviously things like bpm and loop points would affect all.

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