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Firmware V1.2.0 Live Input recording function


Not sure how things have progressed with the Live Input oscillator feature but its something that would help my workflow a lot. My question is regarding what advancements have come about since the firmware I'm referencing. I would specifically like to know, when using this function if recorded tracks are saved to SD card as individual track files?

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    SamSam WellingtonPosts: 160
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    Hi @EagleWolf! All songs are saved to the SD as song files, containing all of the tracks So you're currently unable to access individual tracks like this. You can, however, record everything happening on the Deluge using the resampling feature. This also allows you to sample external sounds after they've been processed by the Deluge's synth engine. In terms of being able to use individual track files, I would suggest resampling each track and using those audio files to mix and match them. Being able to move tracks around from song to song is fairly common feature request, though, so feel free to find it on the suggestions page of the forum and upvote it. Hope that helps :smile:

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