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'section cycle' external midi / footswitch

CarlJohnFranzCarlJohnFranz United KingdomPosts: 10

Not sure if this is already possible? or if it's been suggested before sorry.

I'm aware we can map a section colour to a midi button, but with limited footswitch options I feel like a better solution would be to be able to assign a single footswitch to 'cycle' through all sections.

Implementation would be as follows.

1, Press footswitch once to cue next song section in vertical order.
2, Press footswitch multiple times to scroll vertically through and cue desired section colour.

When scrolling past the last vertical section scroll will move back to the top in a selection loop.

New section will play at end of loop as per usual.

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    CarlJohnFranzCarlJohnFranz United KingdomPosts: 10

    I was thinking about this issue and realised there is probably a more elegant solution to the problem, is this even possible already?

    Simply being able to map multiple sections to the same midi button? Sections would then cycle through in a loop as you press the footswitch multiple times as suggested above.

    The alternative is to use the arranger and simply press play, which is great but less 'live' in a sense but anyway.

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    neilbaldwinneilbaldwin UKPosts: 97

    This is a great idea but I don't think it's possible because MIDI mapping only works by equating an existing Deluge control to MIDI input. There is no 'play the next lower track' in the Deluge so there's nothing to map to. Technically, if you had a sophisticated enough MIDI pedal that could maybe send a note on at different pitches (maybe one switch to send the note and another switch to increment the note) you could manually MIDI-learn the notes on the Deluge and map them to the launch buttons of each track (e.g. track 1 launch = C4, track 2 launch = C#4, track 3 launch = D4 etc. )

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    neilbaldwinneilbaldwin UKPosts: 97
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    I could probably make you one :smiley:

    The switch pedal I made for myself uses a Teensy (Arduino) controller so is totally programmable for specific functions like this. Could do it so that a button press sends a MIDI note and then increments the MIDI note for next time you press it. Another button could go the other way and maybe a long press resets it to the original note. Something like that.

    Not right now though as I'm super, super busy and also preparing for a house move!

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