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Midi Sync to Cubase 10.5

DeepNorthDeepNorth GermanyPosts: 1

Hi Guys,

I have a Problem to get in sync with Cubase.

My Deluge getting Midi Clock from Cubase to USAMO and then into a Kenton Midi Thru 5.
When i send 117 pbm to the Deluge, the Deluge shows me 117.3
So i testet a diffrent clock from Digitakt direct to Deluge with the same bpm and the Deluge showes me again 117.3

But when i send 117 bpm out of Deluge direct to Digitakt, the Digitakt shows me exactly 117.
Same when i send Midi Clock out of Cubase direct to Digitakt via Midi and not Overbridge.

The Clock seems very strong i think no Jitter. But inaccurate maybe ?? I don't know.

Can anyone give me a tip or similar.




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