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by accident renamed some folders, sample missing in kits now


Hi, this is not a big thing, but anyway maybe someone can help :)

Some of the deluge standard kits have missing samples now, i guess because i must have renamed some folder or something wich was not (as i thought) part of the stuff i put on the sd card...

Anyway, maybe it would be nice to have a place online where we could redownload the content of the sd card?

Or can someone provide a screenshot of the original folder structure (names) of the sd card as it is shipped?

Sorry if my english is not so good, but i think you can understand everything :)

With greetings from germany,


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    dokandokan HamburgPosts: 4
    edited September 2017

    Edit: i found out how to save kits now... (but above problem still exist)

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    dokandokan HamburgPosts: 4

    problem solved with help of the FB group :-)

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