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Midi Requests, Part 1


Midi requests part 1, from my minor midi usage so far. Part 2 will come when I've got 16 channels running simultaneously and see how it all plays out.

So first suggestion came to me in a dream... rather than have Synth, Kit, midi and cv as separate buttons, maybe combining the midi and CV buttons with Synth and Kit would be a good way to delineate whether a midi out is a Synth or Kit. So if it is a midi kit you want, hold down midi and press kit, with both lights on, telling the user it's a kit that is midi.

The suggestion within this nutshell is on a "midi Kit" - it would be fantastic to utilize the audition pads with the Learn function to assign kits to whatever pad we want. Sure we could go and change the drum maps, but on some gear that really messes things up if moving between the Deluge triggering and another device.

The next stage - to then be able to save the midi kit would be a life saver to call up whenever. The save function would also be great for midi synth too - this would allow program changes to be saved as a midi synth, or midi kit, and recalled at will. You could then do all the program changes via different midi synth presets, so treating it just like the internal synth and kit saves.

Finally, I saw it on another post, but I feel that midi out should be expandable to be multiple channels. I use a JD-XA which is 8 midi channels - great if I want 8 different sounds doing 8 different things, but otherwise I have to duplicate a single track 8 times to trigger off a full synth tone that utilizes all 8 channels. I know there are quite a few devices which also work in this way, and this could solve it. How said midi channel selection could work on the existing menus is a bit of a mystery to me (haven't had a good think about how it could work - I'll ponder it in my sleep and see what I come up with).

With those additions I feel a lot of the outward midi issues could be solved, and give way to a methodology that makes sense on the existing hardware, as most other methods I can think of would involve additional shortcuts (which would annoy people who have the shortcuts printed on the device like me!) and also work within the existing workflow. Other issues like arp for midi out I feel will hopefully get resolved in due course, as it's a bit of a blinder!

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