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Sequencing external gear



I'm looking for a sequencer / sampler for a live impro / looping workflow and was wondering about the midi capabilities of the deluge.

So, let's say I have a minilogue set to send / receive on midi channel 7 and corresponding track(s) on the deluge, will I be able to

  • limit the midi in capture to the channel set for the track (i.e. ignore data that is sent by other devices)?
  • record notes played on the minilogue's keyboard?
  • record CC messages coming from the minilogue (knob movements)?
  • record / automate patch changes?
  • have multiple tracks send data on one midi channel at the same time (one for the notes, one for automation?)
  • sample the output to a new track and have it run automatically as a loop?

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @jazzhopper! I'm not entirely sure of the specs for the Minilogue, but breaking that down:

    1) I don't quite know if I'm reading this question right, but if you're talking about MIDI coming into the Deluge, then it works through assignment. This means that you assign say, a keyboard, to a track's oscillators to control the pitch. Once this is assigned, that feature (the osc pitch) won't accept MIDI from any other controller/device until you reassign it. If you're familiar with the Ableton MIDI-mapping screen, there are some similarities to that workflow here.

    2) Recording input from a MIDI device onto a synth or kit track is definitely possible.

    3) Yes, once again this works on assignment - you can map CCs to many different features on the Deluge.

    4) It's not currently possible to send program changes from the Deluge, sorry.

    5) Likewise, at the moment the Deluge works on a 1-track-per-MIDI-channel basis. However, in the example you've given, you would only need one track on the Deluge. A MIDI track includes both CC and Note messages, so you can program notes and automate CCs at the same time from the same track.

    6) Like the first question, I'm not 100% sure this is what you're referring to, but if you do mean re-sampling the output of the Deluge and then looping it live, then the Deluge can do half of that. At the moment, there's a re-sampling feature in beta that allows you to automatically record the output of the Deluge, however it can't currently create a new track and loop that sample automatically (you can do it quite quickly manually, though).

    But, if you're referring to taking a live input from an external synth that's being controlled by the Deluge through MIDI, and then processing that through the Deluge on a separate track, then yes! That's absolutely possible, and you could then re-sample that input and load it as an oscillator in a synth or kit track to loop it and free up the external synth. Again, you couldn't do this automatically, but the workflow to do it on the Deluge is fairly quick and easy.

    I should probably mention that there are firmware updates for the Deluge that add extra features and the forum gets considered when those features are decided, so often features the Deluge doesn't have currently are liable to be included in future releases. That's not to say that everything anyone asks for will definitely be included, but suggestions on the software suggestions page (especially those with a lot of upvotes) do get considered.

    Hope that helps! :smile:


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