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Windows 10 to Update Firmware?

disquietdisquiet San FranciscoPosts: 1

Hi. I'm new to the Deluge. Just got it last week, and tried to update the firmware this evening. (It's evening here in San Francisco.) I initially used my Windows 10 laptop to transfer the bin file to the SD card (erasing the previous bin first), but then the Deluge showed UPDA followed by ERRO (after holding shift while powering on). So, I removed all the files from my SD card, and then used a MacBook instead (re-downloading the folders and the new firmware bin, and putting those on the blank SD card). That time, using the Mac instead of the Windows laptop, the firmware update worked (i.e., UPDA, followed by "spinning animation"). So, everything's fine.

I was wondering: Are there special instructions for using Windows in the Deluge-update process? I've updated plenty of Eurorack modules with my laptop and had no problems. These include the Orthogonal Devices ER-301, the Monome Ansible, and an Ornament and Crime (running Hemisphere Suite), among others. Thanks very much for this marvelous device, and for any support you might provide on the topic.

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