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Using Deluge with MC 101 ?

HexodeHexode FrancePosts: 4

Hi there,
A week ago as I escaped Paris to go in the South of France for a month I stormed in a shop and asked for a toy I could use while away from my DAW. I was thinking about those pocket things but new nothing about groovebox/samplers.
1 hour after that I left the store with an MC101, astonished with what that box could do (again, new to hardware stuff).
3 days after that, huuuugely disappointed with the box I did some research and ordered a Deluge.
(By the way time will tell, but I feel awfully stuck in a looping pattern with this 4track sequencer, I mean I could build a song but so much "menu diving" and all... I just fell like I can jam on a hip hop track but never really compose a song on that. WHen I play with it I feel like a crappy live DJ, only able to do what everyone does. Is it normal to feel that way with a MC101? Is it just the workflow?)

Anyway one thing I love with this box (the only one in fact) is the sound and some presets. So here's my question : how would be the best way to use those two things together (Deluge and MC101), so that I can get some sounds from Roland in the Deluge, but also some of its FX and filters ?

Thanks very much!


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    IofflightIofflight United StatesPosts: 4

    You can certainly sample the mc101 into the deluge but why when you could sequence it with midi? That seems the easiest way to set it up to me. Or conversely, you could have the mc101 with its own sequence but have the clock triggered by the deluge. The arranger is so good on the deluge though it just seems easiest to sequence the 101.

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    Mystic38Mystic38 Posts: 21

    the mc101 is worth it for the sound library alone..

    simply use it as a 4 part multi-timbral sound source and map the deluge knobs to your most desired parameter CCs

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    stephencarrstephencarr CanadaBeta Tester Posts: 14

    Does anyone have information about how you can sequence each individual part on the 101 from the Deluge?

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    wwavewwave Beta Tester Posts: 2

    @stephencarr said:
    Does anyone have information about how you can sequence each individual part on the 101 from the Deluge?

    Ya it’s super easy, use midi cables not usb, on the 101 go to system settings and map midi ports to each track, then create corresponding midi tracks on deluge and play/rec

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    uliuli marseillePosts: 8

    As far as I understand after looking through the MC101's manual & Firmware 1.50 update note, you can not, however, send Program Change messages from the Deluge to automatically change sounds on the MC101 (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

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    pjgrizelpjgrizel Paris, FRBeta Tester Posts: 2

    @uli yes you can change sounds with PC from the Deluge. Hard to keep it perfectly in sync though (it seems like there's a little delay when switching)

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    pjgrizelpjgrizel Paris, FRBeta Tester Posts: 2

    See this post:
    Just disable Rx of MIDI Start/Stop on the MC-101 and sync is ok :)

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    kilroykilroy CanadaBeta Tester Posts: 25

    Here's how I have it set up:

    • Midi cable from deluge -> MC-101 (USB on MC is very noisy)
    • Turn on Rx start/stop and clock in MC
    • Set the four MC tracks to midi channels 11-14 (easy to remember which channel is track 1 without hogging midi 1 channel)
    • Set the MC Auto midi channel to whatever. This is handy for an external keyboard. The notes are only routed to the currently selected MC track.

    When creating a song I typically:

    • Create a new project in the MC with the same name as the Deluge project
    • Create midi clips in Deluge on channels 11-14
    • Match up the track colors roughly on the two devices
    • For each midi clip I also select "synth" on the Deluge and pick something that roughly resembles the sound on the MC. That let's me quickly flip the tracks between "midi" -> "synth" when I want to unplug the deluge and work offline.
    • In the MC I set up each track to get it's sound from Clip rather than Track. This lets you use Deluge program change events to switch instruments within the MC project on the fly (you can't switch between projects in the MC via program change events).

    At one point I set up an MC project with four drum tracks and a corresponding deluge kit. This lets you use it as a pretty decent little four track drum machine where each track has 16 instruments (just can't play them all at the same time). Eventually I replaced that with a TR8S though.

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