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duplicate sequence workflow

DekalboyDekalboy FrancePosts: 26

duplicate a track in clip view is a very effective feature ;
but why we do not have the other way : half dividing ?
because it is as important as duplicate

Also th eduplicate function could go further .
Suppose you create a 16th pattern for 2 bars
you duplicate this => you have a pattern running for 4 bars and see a 8th resolution
suppose you go back to a 32th resolution at the begenning of this 4 bars sequence and create some steps with resolution .
If you then want to duplicate this , deluge does not understand and display the 4 bars sequence without duplicating what we wanted .

in other words , it would be super powerful to have the habilities to duplicate small portions while going back in any resolution inside a sequence ( what we actually see in the grid at a high resolution ) ;
And with an option for duplicating : " duplicate and overwrite " or "duplicate and overdub" .

the same kinf of stuff in the reverse way ( half dividng ) , and we could have a perfect tool for creating original sequence just while using this duplicate worflow

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