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Some question using the looper function

semarsemar Posts: 28

Dear all,
I have the following scenario:
in song mode, I have an audio track, say, 2 minutes long.
I want record audio from a keyboard on a second audio track. I set the track as audio and the input type ( stereo. with dot, so I could hear it while playing)
Fact is, if I stop the recording before the whole lentgth of the first track (2 minutes) has been reached, the recorded audio will be only stored in the "record" folder, and not directly in the project. If I don't stop recording or I stop it after the whole lenght, the recorded audio track appears in the project.
The question, ist there anyway to record audio (while the rest of the song plays) even if it is shorter as the first track lenght ?
Second question, how can I avoid the recording from the microphone, when I select stereo. (with . dot) ? If i select stereo (without dot) the mic will not be engaged, but I can't hear from the imput. If I select stereo. (with dot) I can hear the input, but I hear (and record) also from the mic.


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    semarsemar Posts: 28

    Anyone ?

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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichBeta Tester Posts: 112

    Not helpful reply: I don't experience the mic-recording-with-stereo problem at all, and I do a lot of line-in recording. Having a plug in the line-in should silence the microphone -- it's normalized.

    Can you just load the recorded track in as an audio track? It's one more step than you want, but it might work?

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    ooijjooijj BerlinPosts: 21

    I second @semar 's comment about wanting to be able to record new audio into a new clip when the new audio is shorter than other clips. I am always confused when I am recording into an audio clip, then stop recording before the clip end, and the audio has not saved into the clip. (I wasn't even aware it gets saved into the Record folder).

    This is also catching me up when I try to layer loops. There's some logic within the deluge that I don't understand that has to do with loop length. I feel like it defaults to the length of the longest clip (am not sure). And the problem for me is that sometimes I want to record a really long clip. eg 50 bars. But when I try to add further, different audio into new layered clips, there's an expectation that the clips are all supposed to be 50 bars long.

    I'm not sure I can explain this very well, but I'm really confused about how the LOOPER works on the Deluge, despite following the instructions in the Manual/Producer's Guide. If anyone has more experience with this, or can point me to an instructional video, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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