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Pairing Deluge with ipad

mrcrazziemrcrazzie Poznan / PolandPosts: 1


Is there a possibility to join Apple ipad with deluge with 3.0 usb host? I have 12V/1A charger joined, lightning cable to usb joined to deluge via usb adapter.

When I turn on deluge I have UNKNown message, what can be wrong? Please give me some feedback cause I have some nice apps and I want to try them with Dely :)

Stay safe everyone!


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    JimantronicJimantronic United KingdomBeta Tester Posts: 14

    You're trying to make the Deluge be the midi host? If you have the ipad being the midi host it all just works great. No special cables or anything, just join the Deluge to the ipad via usb using the camera connection kit, then the Deluge appears as a midi client in AUM or whatever you're using

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